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Wed, 12 Nov 2008 00:00:00 GMT
Headquarters science and technology garden conducted fire prevention safe training

At half pass three afternoon On April 21, to cooperate the Fujian Province fire prevention unit and Fuzhou Municipal government about carrying out the spirit of" hundred days fire prevention safe special improvement work" and according to the deployment of Cangshan police fire prevention bureau, the corporate office developed " fire security " topic training in headquarter science and technology garden 28# building training room.The headquarter science and technology garden area security personnel, the warehouse management personnel, the installation personnel, the dormitorys, the basic unit superintendent and so on near 60 staffs participated in the special training.

In the training class, Cangshan area public security fire prevention bureau the Lai Caisheng drillmaster through the vivid explanation let all trainee grasp massive basic fire security general knowledge, and through fire case in the real life, explained the fire classification, the fire extinguisher type, the fire effective defense measure in detail, as well as how to report to the police accurately with the correlation escapes knowledge skill and so on.




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